Michael Joel

Director - Actor - Creator

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Well hello there, thanks for stopping by! A little about me, my name is Michael Joel. I grew up in the lovely beachside town of Point Pleasant, NJ and am currently residing there. I attended Montclair State University where I was a student of Theatre Studies. While there I developed my passion for the art of theatre and more importantly the art of creating theatre. What excites me most is the chance to work with other artists and develop new, thought-provoking, and provocative pieces of theatre. My dream is to one day open a collaborative theatre company where writers, designers, actors, directors and any and all types of artists are able to create and explore with the end goal of developing works important to us and the world we live in.

Until then...I'm just trying to get by and keep my inner artist satisfied.

Outside of the theatre building I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Eating more food than any one human should be able to consume. Starting four books at a time and getting around to finishing about two. Having a very scheduled movie watching calendar when Oscar season rolls around. Watching entirely too many television shows. Travelling when I get the chance to.  Actually enjoying working in the restaurant industry. Laughing. Sleeping. Talking your ear off.

Welcome to my life. 

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